Social events

Welcome Reception - June 6, 18:00

The Welcome Reception is taking place at the workshops/tutorial venue, i.e., UPB's Library/Conference Center ("Biblioteca Centrală UPB"). See conference venue information.

Gala Dinner - June 8, 18:00

The Gala Dinner is taking place at the wonderful Mogoșoaia Palace (Palatul Mogoșoaia). Mogoșoaia Palace is a typical Romanian 1700 princiary residence palace which is situated 14 Km (9 Miles) north of Bucharest. The location is marvellous by its traditional architecture, park, church, lake and museum. On the shore of Mogoșoaia Lake, this palace reflects the Brâncovenesc architectural style, featuring traditional Romanian staircase balconies, arcades and columns. Built by the Walachian prince Constantin Brâncoveanu between 1698 and 1702 as a summer residence, the palace features a beautiful Venetian-style loggia on the facade facing the lake and a balcony with intricate Brâncovenesc-style carvings overlooking the main courtyard. Today, the palace houses the Brâncovenesc Museum with exhibits of valuable paintings, wood and stone sculptures, gold and silver embroideries, rare books and precious manuscripts. Inside the complex, there is also a church built in 1688 and decorated by a team of Greek artists. The original interior murals have been well-preserved, including a painting showing Constantin Brâncoveanu with his wife, Maria, and their four sons and seven daughters, all wearing royal dress (see

We have prepared a really wonderful program - yours to discover!

How to reach the location: check out the Google Maps.

Buses will transport all participants from the conference location to Gala Dinner and back. Rendezvous point is in front of the main conference building. Departure is at 18:00 sharp.

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