Accepted papers

Full papers

Mohammad Soleymani, Michael Riegler and Pål Halvorsen, Multimodal Analysis of Image Search Intent - Intent Recognition in Multimedia Search from User Behavior and Multimedia Content

Olivier Morere, Jie Lin, Antoine Veillard, Ling-Yu Duan, Vijay Chandrasekhar and Tomaso Poggio, Nested Invariance Pooling and RBM Hashing for Image Instance Retrieval

Yusuke Uchida, Yuki Nagai, Shigeyuki Sakazawa and Shin'ichi Satoh, Embedding Watermarks into Deep Neural Networks

Christina Boididou, Symeon Papadopoulos, Lazaros Apostolidis and Yiannis Kompatsiaris, Learning to Detect Misleading Content on Twitter

Aliaksandr Siarohin, Gloria Zen, Cveta Majtanovic, Xavier Alameda-Pineda, Elisa Ricci and Nicu Sebe, How to Make an Image More Memorable? A Deep Style Transfer Approach

Rao Muhammad Anwer, Fahad Shahbaz Khan, Joost van de Weijer and Jorma Laaksonen, TEX-Nets: Binary Patterns Encoded Convolutional Neural Networks for Texture Recognition

Jie Lin, Olivier Morère, Antoine Veillard, Ling-Yu Duan, Hanlin Goh and Vijay Chandrasekhar, DeepHash for Image Instance Retrieval: Getting Regularization, Depth and Fine-Tuning Right

Karthik Yadati, Cynthia C. S. Liem, Martha Larson and Alan Hanjalic, On the Automatic Identification of Music for Common Activities

Shizhe Chen, Jia Chen and Qin Jin, Generating Video Descriptions with Topic Guidance

Martin Pichl, Eva Zangerle and Günther Specht, Improving Context-Aware Music Recommender Systems: Beyond the Pre-filtering Approach

Michal Koperski, Slawomir Bak and Peter Carr, Groups Re-identification with Temporal Context

Christian Andreas Henning and Ralph Ewerth, Estimating the Information Gap between Textual and Visual Representations

André Mourão and Joao Magalhães, Balanced Search Space Partitioning for Distributed Media Redundant Indexing

Kan Chen, Rama Kovvuri, Jiyang Gao and Ram Nevatia, MSRC: Multimodal Spatial Regression with Semantic Context for Phrase Grounding

Fabian Junkert, Markus Eberts, Adrian Ulges and Ulrich Schwanecke, Cross-modal Image-Graphics Retrieval by Neural Transfer Learning

Dayan Wu, Zheng Lin, Bo Li, Mingzhen Ye and Weiping Wang, Deep Supervised Hashing for Multi-Label and Large-Scale Image Retrieval

Junwei Liang, Lu Jiang, Deyu Meng and Alexander Hauptmann, Leveraging Multi-modal Prior Knowledge for Large-scale Concept Learning in Noisy Web Data

Samet Hicsonmez, Nermin Samet, Fadime Sener and Pinar Duygulu, DRAW: Deep Networks for Recognizing Styles of Artists Who Illustrate Children’s Books

Ines Chami, Youssef Tamaazousti and Hervé Le Borgne, AMECON: Abstract Meta-Concept Features for Text-Illustration

Ionuț C. Duță, Bogdan Ionescu, Kiyoharu Aizawa and Nicu Sebe, Simple, Efficient and Effective Encodings of Local Deep Features for Video Action Recognition

Olga Slizovskaia, Emilia Gómez and Gloria Haro, Musical Instrument Recognition in User-generated Videos using a Multimodal Convolutional Neural Network Architecture

Elaheh Momeni, Reza Rawassizadeh and Eytan Adar, Leveraging Semantic Facets for Adaptive Ranking of Social Comments

Fabien André, Anne-Marie Kermarrec and Nicolas Le Scouarnec, Accelerated Nearest Neighbor Search with Quick ADC

Xing Xu, Fumin Shen, Yang Yang, Jie Shao and Zi Huang, Transductive Visual-Semantic Embedding for Zero-shot Learning

Miriam Redi, Frank Z. Liu and Neil O'Hare, Bridging the Aesthetic Gap: The Wild Beauty of Web Imagery

Zhanxiong Wang, Keke He, Yanwei Fu, Rui Feng, Yu-Gang Jiang and Xiangyang Xue, Multi-task Deep Neural Network for Joint Face Recognition and Facial Attribute Prediction

Gijs Overgoor, Masoud Mazloom, Marcel Worring, Robert Rietveld and Willemijn van Dolen, A Spatio-Temporal Category Representation for Brand Popularity Prediction

Rui Yang, Yuliang Shi and Xin-Shun Xu, Discrete Multi-view Hashing for Effective Image Retrieval

Omar Seddati, Stéphane Dupont and Saïd Mahmoudi, Quadruplet Networks for Sketch-Based Image Retrieval

Kuikui Wang, Lu Yang, Gongping Yang, Xin Luo, Kun Su and Yilong Yin, Finger Vein Image Retrieval via Coding Scale-varied Superpixel Feature

Ricardo Carrapiço, Isabel Guimarães, Margarida Grilo, Sofia Cavaco and Joao Magalhães, 3D Facial Video Retrieval and Management for Decision Support in Speech and Language Therapy

Haoyue Shi, Jia Chen and Alexander G. Hauptmann, Joint Saliency Estimation and Matching using Image Regions for Geo-Localization of Online Video

Christian Eggert, Dan Zecha, Stephan Brehm and Rainer Lienhart, Improving Small Object Proposals for Company Logo Detection

Thomas Mensink, Thomas Jongstra, Pascal Mettes and Cees G.M. Snoek, Music-Guided Video Summarization using Quadratic Assignments

Short papers

Ahmet Iscen, Giorgos Tolias, Yannis Avrithis, Teddy Furon and Ondrej Chum, Panorama to Panorama Matching for Location Recognition

Damianos Galanopoulos, Foteini Markatopoulou, Vasileios Mezaris and Ioannis Patras, Concept Language Models and Event-based Concept Number Selection for Zero-example Event Detection

Shilun Lin, Pengfei Xiong and Hailong Liu, Tiny Transform Net for Mobile Image Stylization

Foteini Markatopoulou, Damianos Galanopoulos, Vasileios Mezaris and Ioannis Patras, Query and Keyframe Representations for Ad-hoc Video Search

Wei-Ta Chu and Wei-Wei Li, Manga FaceNet: Face Detection in Manga based on Deep Neural Network

Vedran Vukotić, Christian Raymond and Guillaume Gravier, Generative Adversarial Networks for Multimodal Representation Learning in Video Hyperlinking

Giuseppe Amato, Fabio Carrara, Fabrizio Falchi and Claudio Gennaro, Efficient Indexing of Regional Maximum Activations of Convolutions using Full-Text Search Engines

Junkang Zhang, Siyu Xia, Ming Shao and Yun Fu, Family Photo Recognition via Multiple Instance Learning

Shan Sun, Feng Wang, Qi Liang and Liang He, TaiChi: A Fine-Grained Action Recognition Dataset

Keiji Yanai and Ryosuke Tanno, Conditional Fast Style Transfer Network

Anuvabh Dutt, Denis Pellerin and Georges Quénot, Improving Image Classification using Coarse and Fine Labels

Mridula Verma and Kaushal Kumar Shukla, Fast Multi-Modal Unified Sparse Representation Learning

Wei-Ta Chu and Samuel Situmeang, Badminton Video Analysis based on Spatiotemporal and Stroke Features

Open source software papers

Lucas Pascotti Valem and Daniel Carlos Guimarães Pedronette, An Unsupervised Distance Learning Framework for Multimedia Retrieval

Konstantin Pogorelov, Michael Riegler, Pål Halvorsen and Carsten Griwodz, ClusterTag: Interactive Visualization, Clustering and Tagging Tool for Big Image Collections

Chris A. Mattmann and Madhav Sharan, Scalable Hadoop-Based Pooled Time Series of Big Video Data from the Deep Web

Federico Bartoli, Giuseppe Lisanti, Lorenzo Seidenari and Alberto Del Bimbo, PACE: Prediction-based Annotation for Crowded Environments

Technical demonstrations

Andrea Ceroni, Vassilios Solachidis, Claudia Niederée, Olga Papadopoulou and Vasileios Mezaris, Expo: An Expectation-oriented System for Selecting Important Photos from Personal Collections

Luca Rossetto, Ivan Giangreco, Claudiu Tănase and Heiko Schuldt, Multimodal Video Retrieval with the 2017 IMOTION System

Kashif Ahmad, Michael Riegler, Ans Riaz, Nicola Conci, Duc-Tien Dang-Nguyen and Pål Halvorsen, The JORD System - Linking Sky and Social Multimedia Data to Natural Disasters

Mathias Lux, Michael Riegler, Pål Halvorsen and Glenn MacStravic, LireSolr - A Visual Information Retrieval Server

Chrysa Collyda, Evlampios Apostolidis, Alexandros Pournaras, Foteini Markatopoulou, Vasileios Mezaris and Ioannis Patras, VideoAnalysis4ALL: An On-line Tool for the Automatic Fragmentation and Concept-based Annotation, and the Interactive Exploration of Videos

Kai Uwe Barthel, Nico Hezel and Klaus Jung, Visually Browsing Millions of Images Using Image Graphs

Brave new ideas papers

Jaeyoung Choi, Martha Larson, Xinchao Li, Kevin Li, Gerald Friedland and Alan Hanjalic, The Geo-Privacy Bonus of Popular Photo Enhancements

Eduardo Nigri and Ognjen Arandjelovic, Light Curve Analysis From Kepler Spacecraft Collected Data

Nitish Nag, Vaibhav Pandey and Ramesh Jain, Health Multimedia: Lifestyle Recommendations Based on Diverse Observations

Doctoral symposium papers

Shengsheng Qian, Tianzhu Zhang and Changsheng Xu, A Generic Framework for Social Event Analysis

Stefan Petscharnig, Semi-Automatic Retrieval of Relevant Segments from Laparoscopic Surgery Videos

Yash Garg and Silvestro Roberto Poccia, On the Effectiveness of Distance Measures for Similarity Search in Multi-Variate Sensory Data

Karim Aderghal, Jenny Benois-Pineau and Karim Afdel, Classification of sMRI for Alzheimer’s disease Diagnosis with CNN: Single Siamese Networks with 2D+epsilon Approach and Fusion on ADNI

Special session "Beyond semantics: multimodal understanding of subjective properties"

Darshan Santani, Salvador Ruiz-Correa and Daniel Gatica-Perez, Insiders and Outsiders: Comparing Urban Impressions between Population Groups

Claudio Baecchi, Tiberio Uricchio, Marco Bertini and Alberto Del Bimbo, Deep Sentiment Features of Context and Faces for Affective Video Analysis

Jiarui Gao, Yanwei Fu, Yu-Gang Jiang and Xiangyang Xue, Frame-Transformer Emotion Classification Network

Special session "Identifying and Linking Interesting Content in Large Audiovisual Repositories"

Yang Liu, Zhonglei Gu, Yiu-Ming Cheung and Kien A. Hua, Multi-view Manifold Learning for Media Interestingness Prediction

Rémi Bois, Guillaume Gravier, Eric Jamet, Emmanuel Morin, Maxime Robert and Pascale Sébillot, Linking Multimedia Content for Efficient News Browsing

Zhi-Qi Cheng, Hao Zhang, Xiao Wu and Chong-Wah Ngo, On the Selection of Anchors and Targets for Video Hyperlinking

Petra Galuščáková, Michal Batko, Jan Čech, Jiří Matas, David Novák and Pavel Pecina, Visual Descriptors in Methods for Video Hyperlinking

Keith Curtis, Gareth J.F. Jones and Nick Campbell, Utilising High-Level Features in Summarisation of Academic Presentations

Xuanchong Li and Alexander Hauptmann, Understanding Videos Through Natural Language: Video Hyperlinking with Language-aided Multimodal Retrieval

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