Student grants

The ACM ICMR 2017 conference provides a great opportunity for researchers to present their work, get acquainted with the work of others, and discuss with colleagues both junior and senior.

To promote participation of students in the conference events and in special student-oriented activities, SIGMM, and ACM ICMR 2017 organization committee offer travel grants for a large number of students.

The grant is meant to be an additional support for personal attendance of one student at the conference (to be used for registration, travel, and accommodation), therefore you should consider that it is most likely that it will not be able to cover all the expenses. Students selected for the grant will receive a fee of up to 700 US$ (non-EU students) or up to 500 US$ (EU students). The fee is decided in correlation with the actual logistical constraints (e.g., expenses, location, etc). Grantees need to pay the conference registration fee and make their own travel arrangements in advance and will be reimbursed by ACM after submitting the receipts from their expenses.

Selection criteria

Applicants have to be students enrolled at a university at the time of the ACM ICMR 2017 conference (June 2017). Students being the primary authors of an accepted paper in the main conference or workshops will be given preference in the selection process. Students who attend the Doctoral Symposium will be given high priority. Female and minority students’ applications are especially encouraged. Students without papers accepted for publication at ACM ICMR 2017, but involved in research closely related to the topics of ACM ICMR will also be considered.

Important Dates

Applications Due: April 12, 2017 at 23:59 EET
Notification of Acceptance: April 26, 2017

Application Procedure

Students are encouraged to have the applications sent as soon as possible. Applications arriving after the deadline will not be considered.

The application consists of the following information, merged in a single PDF file:

  1. A certificate proving student status from a faculty member of the student’s host institution (preferably from academic/dissertation advisors, signature and stamp mandatory);
  2. An application letter from the student with the following information in tabular format:
    • The faculty’s full name and email address, student’s full name and email address;
    • The name and full address of the institution;
    • The student’s academic status and expected year of graduation;
    • Whether the student is a (co-)author of a paper that was accepted for the conference or if the student contributes to any other section of the conference;
    • If the student is a (co-)author, the paper title, author list, the student’s contribution to the paper, and whether the student will present the paper;
    • The reason for applying for the grant, including the expected benefits that the students will have from attending the conference, research significance, the funding status of the student, and the budget of the student travel;
    • A brief statement by the student about his/her current research interests, research accomplishments, and contributions to research or open source projects to date, or a link to his/her CV.
  3. A one-page abstract written in English by the student, summarizing a broad view of his/her research work with motivation, problem description, approach, and progress.

Applications should be emailed to the Student Grant Chairs, having as subject "ACM ICMR 2017: student grant application".

Reimbursement procedure

Grantees need to pay the conference registration fee and make their own travel arrangements in advance and will be reimbursed by ACM after the conference and after submitting the receipts from their expenses. Please note that is mandatory to save all the receipts. ACM will provide an online system to process travel grants. Each grantee will receive an email notification that includes a link to a personal online expense form to complete. The form includes the instructions where to submit the form and receipts. For students residing in the US, a check will be issued. For students residing outside of the US a USD check or a check in the local currency (if available) can be offered as forms of payment. ACM can also wire the funds for amounts over $500 USD or the local currency equivalent.


For any questions regarding submissions, please email the Student Grant Chairs at .

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